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The Computer

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A Turing machine is a mathematical model used for computation by using infinitely long tape with symbols and a set of instructions. It was proposed by Alan Turing (remember, The Imitation Game) in 1936.

All the programming languages are Turing complete and all the computer hardware (well almost) are Turing complete, meaning that they can do everything that a Turing machine can do. A two symbol Turing machine is a Turing machine that uses only two symbols (eg. 0’s and 1’s) for computation.

Well!, let's get straight to the point and see what’s a two symbol Turing machine.

The Components

Game of Life | Rust

A beginner’s view of using Rust for the first time

Rust logo
source: Photo on rust-lang.org (CC-BY).


Rust is an uprising programming language that is loved by the community. The main reason for the upsurge of Rust in recent times is that the language is built for performance and concurrency with safety in mind. At present, the popular use case of Rust is WebAssembly.

So, I wanted to get a gist of the language. The best way(according to me) to learn is to recreate something in the new programming language, which you have already done in a familiar programming language. Hence, I went on to program a simple version of Conway’s Game of Life.

Conway’s Game of Life

Dinesh Kumar Gnanasekaran

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